Software Development

Piranha develops and implements bespoke software. Each system is tailored to suit the needs of the client. In alot of instances, off-the-shelf software cannot properly meet the requirements of businesses.This is where bespoke software becomes an asset. No longer does a company have to adjust its processes and systems to fit into a software system , but the software works FOR them and fits perfectly into their process.


Our software development team is made of of a group of dynamic and driven individuals who ensure that you always get exactly what you require


Piranha has developed proprietary web based software to assure compliance with international regulations and to provide a complete audit trail and transparency on all equipment/waste managed for our clients


Zen Valve

Zen-Valve is a valve maintenance management system 

developed for use in the oil and gas industry. 

It allows Valve Maintenance companies to properly trend and 

track all their process valves, view valve diagrams, 

work procedures, and schedule valve repair and 



EARMS is a complete asset management maintenance

system that can properly manage various types of equipment

from engines to generators and compressors. Again all

equipment can be completely kept track of and any related

information is stored in the system. Dynamic reports can be

generated from live data as and when needed


ACCUSAL is a complete payroll package that has

been developed by Piranha Software. This system

allows you to keep track of all key employee data and

allows you to generate pay slips, TD forms etc. All key

payroll information is stored in the system and can be

used to generate various Reports