In an increasingly technological world data security has become an important Issue

Piranha specializes in secure data destruction methods that meet or exceed the department of defense specifications

Fraud and Identity Theft

People are increasingly storing and utilizing digital mediums to access and store secure information. Private information can be accessed via documents and hard drives and in some cases can be used for blackmail. Banking details such as credit cards numbers can be accessed and used to make online purchases through amazon and ebay.

Physical Destruction

It has been made increasingly clear that the right information in the wrong hands can be very dangerous. In many countries agencies have stressed the importance of shredding bills and order information before putting them into the trash. Piranha physically shreds mediums such as hard drives, phones, digital tapes and documents to ensure all information is secure. With the only advanced cross cut shredder in Trinidad and Tobago Piranha guarantees you information is 100% destroyed. You can also rest assured your e-waste scrap from the shredding process ends up nowhere else than in raw materials for new products with our 0% residual to landfill initiative.


Cross-Cut Shredders

Cross-Shredding dramatically increases security by producing output of a much smaller size than strip-cut shredding.

ALLEGHENY 960_product-1

E-Scrap Shredders

Destroys standard-size hard drives (up to 1” thick), but also server drives, as well as cell phones, PDAs, smartphones, and electronic storage devices.

ALLEGHENY 960_product-1


With figures in excess of -75dB for high energy metal tapes and up to -90dB on standard oxide tapes, complete erasure is assured every time.

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HDD Crushers

This method destroys drives by subjecting them to extreme pressure from a conical steel punch or similar device rendering them inoperable

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